Hydro Attack Game

It's a computer game of falling (or rising) blocks. It was inspired by Tetris.

You must complete the lines with the blocks and, when completed it disappears, if it cannot complete enough and the piece does not have more space to descend the game ends. It also ends if the set time to finishes.

Unlike other games of the genre, the speed of drop does not increase during the game. The difficulty is increased with the number of simultaneous frames, the amount of "hydros" that appear and inversions of direction.

However, this difficulty level can be chosen by the player. The easy level can be played by children, at this level it is played with a single frame, without inversion of direction and without "hydros".

The app is free, without advertising and without data theft. The size of the program, the setup and the app are quite small.

The name
If you don't understand the name of the game, it's because you've never played an old game called Battleship.
But if you've played and even then didn't understand, it's because the game has some rules that vary according to the country. Thus, the seaplane is used in the game in some countries and not in others. Seaplane is also known as hydroplane in some places. The seaplane figure in the Battleship gave the name to the "Hydro Attack".