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Author Tulio Tannenbaum
Sao Paulo - Brazil - 2024

Hydro Attack Privacy Policy

The program does not require Internet access to work.

However, when clicking on the "best panel" button and the "?" button the app will open the browser to access the game's website.

In this case, it will transmit some data:

Operating system, chosen language and game installation number.

If you clicked on "best" it will also transmit the first 2 names on the local scoreboard shown on the screen and their scores.
The objective is to check if you got enough points to appear in the list of the best players in the world on the site.

The site does not put a repeated name in the list to give more chances for more players to get the name in.
Obviously players will use their first name only or nickname.
So if you don't want to see your name on the site don't click on those buttons or deny access to the program or simpler, use nickname or pseudonym indeed.

This data is transmitted encrypted and is for statistical purposes only.

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